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My mom, my cousin (who is 6) and I went to see Frozen on stage and it was amazing!

I didn’t watch the film and I think I enjoyed the play even more. My cousin was marvelled by the play and it was a bliss to see her happy like that with stars in her eyes. We even managed to get a photograph with Elza and Anna. 

And with that evening plus The Last of Us, it’s making me realise that I don’t need to go abroad for whatever reasons it is and whatever things which I don’t know I was looking for. My plans to go back to Northern Ireland are definitely on standby and I will take the most of being near my family and enjoy the presence of my loved ones. 

The Last of Us - Suburbs

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I have read dozens of fanfics so far but I would like to mention these 4 writers for expanding wonderfully the world of The Last of Us. So many tears shed. So many smiles drawn. So many heartbeats skipped. So many “holy fuck”. So many losses. So many adventures.

So many feels.

(You’ll be able to find this post again with the link on my sidebar. It may be updated with new stories).


Outlasting a World | Rated T | 113,973 words

Jackson is welcoming to Ellie and Joel, but danger is always on the horizon in this world. A new group of Survivors draw close to the town, a group with remarkable similarities, and startling differences. This is the story of how they come together, carving out a place for their lives in the ravaged remains of the United States. 


Series Straight on ‘til Morning | Rated T | 71,525 words

They’re okay. No, really. They are. Just because Joel’s getting way too old for this and Ellie’s way too young to know how to gut a man like she does, doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong. They endure. They survive. A series following Joel and Ellie (possibly not in entirely chronological order) and how they cope. After all, when you’ve managed to one-up the apocalypse in terms of screwing over mankind, what else can you do? 

First Kiss | Not Rated | 6,355 words

An alternate take of the events that unfolded during ‘Joel’s Birthday’, set about halfway through that story. Grieving and a little drunk on the anniversary of the Outbreak, Joel very nearly ruins everything. Ellie takes it upon herself to prove him wrong. Cross-posted from Tumblr.


Because of This, Because of Us | Rated M | 5,652 words

You know the saying: The more things change, the more they stay the same. Why should it be any different now? Ellie and Joel get another shot at life, but by no means is it any easier. Nor is it the hardship it was before. If anything, it’s all much of the same.

Everything to do with you | Rated T | 3,137 words

In a world that is too sick to help itself, Ellie and Joel learn that it is only with each other that they can not only survive, but live.

Fighting to keep you here | Rated M | 18,407 words

Joel is injured. Most likely dying. It falls to Ellie to keep them going. To keep them alive. Most days, she’s not sure if she can do it on her own. Winter is cruel, and something happens while she’s out hunting that will change her forever.

Just a Four Letter Word | Rated M | 5,784 words

Ellie is getting older, so she’s also getting curious. How is Joel supposed to respond when she starts asking him to explain about love?


Aftermath (PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3) by thehammerofthor | Rated T | 153,511 words

This story bridges the gap between Winter and Spring. Joel witnesses the change that takes place in Ellie after the toll the Winter season takes on her, and does his best to help her deal with it while they press on towards Salt Lake City. The pair encounter obstacles, Infected, hunters, and plenty new experiences along the way. Concludes at the beginning of Spring in the game.

Picking up from the final line of the game, Joel and Ellie embark on a new adventure, unlike any they have had together: a life in the safe confines of Jackson. This story details their struggle to cope with the dramatic change, deal with the tension brought into their relationship by Joel’s lie, and more. This is a “sequel” to my previous story Aftermath: Part I. Read that first.

Third Part of the Aftermath series. The events that transpired in Part II have forced Ellie and Joel out of Jackson, but they aren’t together. Now, each find themselves in unfamiliar territory, bracing to survive the oncoming winter without each other’s company. The fracture in their relationship may prove insurmountable as they each cope with the miles that stand between them.

"Everyone I have cared for has either died or left me. Everyone - fucking except for you! So don’t tell me that I’d be safer with someone else because the truth is I would just be more scared"



Why is it that in fics Ellie suddenly realises she’s in love with Joel and from this moment, she tries to physically please him, have fantasies about him and tries to have him in bed for something other than sleeping.


Could this not be like the most natural thing between them to happen? Their relationship is already strong enough. I would clearly see them showing more signs of affection towards each other over time without Ellie being the nowadays cheesy and stupid teenager and Joel being so awkward and both of them losing their ability to speak properly and communicate like they used to.

Luciferines perfectly wrote it and I guess I’ll keep reading her stories over and over.

*casually rolls into the conversation* oh my god I second this to the highest power, man. I guess that’s what irks me most about a lot of the fics in the fandom? granted, a lot of them are written well or have potential to be amazing stories, but as soon as the sex thing is mentioned it just shuts me down completely.

I don’t feel like Ellie is a sexual person by nature, especially considering she’s mostly still a child. (When she’s older, maybe. But even so, I still feel like it would be out of character for her.)

And not to mention they were much more before they were ever together, ya know? They’re not going to lose the close relationship they have and their communication abilities just because they happen to take their relationship in a different direction. They’re still just JoelandEllie. That’s it. That’s all there is to it.

(Also I have to agree; Luci did it flawlessly. I’m on my fifth re-read at the moment.)

They’re so special a banal storyline doesn’t do them justice. The one I was reading when writing this post, I swear you could have switched Ellie and Joel with unknown characters, it would have been all the same. 

I wouldn’t mind reading Joel and Ellie making love. I have a 1% tolerance about characterisation so if I feel the behaviour doesn’t fit one of them, I just can’t read anymore. Also their relationship, to my liking, wouldn’t be the core of a story. There’s more importance stuff to care about in the Last of Us world. But yeah I can totally see the scene happening (I have one in mind following the events from “First Kiss” occurring weeks or months afterwards, I love it) but it wouldn’t be brought overnight like a hair on your soup one day.

Also, like you replied to one of your ask explaining you see their relationship as not only between equals, or between father/daughter, etc and it’s changing. That’s what I also see. Consequently that’s a big NO if there’s a fucking lemon every goddamn chapter.  

Someone hold me please

So I finished Outlasting a World and how in the hell is the ending considered relatively good? It’s horrible, my heart is now annihilated. 

That fanfic was beyond excellent. The characterization is on point. It’s so well-written, the action scenes as well as the normal paced scenes. And I didn’t thought I would grow attached to original characters that much. They are more prominent than Joel and Ellie, even though we can tell Ellie and Kayce are the main protagonist. Nonetheless Joel and Ellie’s relationship is still present. Dare I still say “present” now that I reached the end?

*spoilers ahead*

In the course of the story, Joel’s lie is publicly discovered and in front of Ellie. From that point on, you can see the gap increasing between the two of them. And even with the death of Kayce’s father, Zac and other characters I have cared about, this was the worst that could happen. Ellie with her actions will end up understanding how he did what he did back at Saint-Mary’s hospital but she can’t forgive him. That reminds me of the interview Neil Druckmann had given where he said that: ““Then we come to that ending and that lie and that okay and what does that okay mean? It’s definitely not a complacent ‘yea I’ll go along with you’, in fact, it’s the opposite. It’s Ellie waking up for the first time, waking up and realizing she can’t rely on him anymore. While she loves him for what he’s done for her, she hates him for robbing her of that choice. She knows that she has to leave him and make her own decisions and mistakes.”Reading that a few days ago upset me a lot, so much that I cried and couldn’t stop thinking about it. To be honest, I’d rather see one of them die than one of them purposely leaving the other.

So when it started to happen in the story… you can guess my reaction. I was horrified. Joel didn’t find any of Ellie’s stuff in their room but it knocked afterwards to the other room and her stuff was there…

"That comics that had been neatly stacked by her bed within Joel’s room were now on the dresser set against the wall. Ellie was not in the room, but was planning on coming back, and that was enough for him at the moment." That broke my heart. Ellie, and Kayce, went through a lot in this story and me saying all those things about Ellie and Joel, it’s like I’m overdramatizing everything, in a sense it is because it’s happening without them doing nothing to help the situation, you can just imagine them drifting apart from each other and I can’t stand that. 

The worst was once the story finished after the author’s note, the punch in your stomach, the slap on you face, the stab in your heart (yes again).

Ties that bind

Set a yea and some after the conclusion of Outlasting a World, Ellie has been honing her skills to survive. But in that time, she has also grown distant from the town she now calls home.

As she seeks to find the purpose of her new life, Zac’s whispered promise from decades ago falls upon the shoulders of his daughter, giving both girls a reason to leave the safety of Jackson behind. 

Oh man, I’d hate to read this story (once it’s written of course) because where the fuck is Joel?! But I’d love to see Ellie and Kayce’s adventures. Let’s hope it would end well between Joel and Ellie too.

I need this.

"The words that came from her next weren’t yelled at the man, but spoke softly as she stumbled upon them. ‘I have things to fight for now, and I don’t think you’re one of them.’"

Ellie just tearing apart my heart with a sentence.

Gosh. The pain. It hurts.

"Oh you’ve got spirit. I can see why he liked you."

Nope. This can’t be real. So much violence and blood in that fic, I love it but I’m not sure I’m going to love reading that name.

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"stay quiet" bill says as he runs around shooting his shotgun at the air and stomping his feet like a fucking elephant

No no no no no I can’t believe what happened to Lexi. Hell fuck no I’m crying.

I love when original characters’ story is interesting. I wouldn’t have imagined to love this fic more, especially when it’s been two chapter dedicated to Zac and Lexi. Now we know his background and there’s something about to happen between him and Joel, I can sense it.

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