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Some ideas are overused but it’s nice to see a different angle on them. Writing is good and characterization is more than alright so I say it’s a few one shots definitely worth reading:



BBC Merlin Cast Fest Week 1

Day 2 - Favourite Outfit: ColdCon 2012


Dear Dad,

Let’s see…

You’re never around, you hate the music I’m into, you practically despise the movies I like, and yet somehow you still manage to be the best dad every year. How do you do that? :)

The Last of Us

In my last video, I realised after Ellie says “it can’t be for nothing” that I unconsciously put bits of video where they’re both standing to each other and to be honest, I hope she’ll realise she’s alive and she’s got him.

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Skyrim + lens flares.
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~*~ "I was born to serve you, Arthur.  And I'm proud of that." ~*~
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One gifset per episode: The Walking Dead Game

'A New Day' - what if my parents come home and I’m not there?

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